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Community Services

CADC offers several services to individuals and families. These services are intended to meet needs that everyone faces from time to time. Assistance available is program specific and includes utilities, rent, and food. CADC refers clients to other available services. Contact your county CADC office for the right staff person to get the process started.

Emergency Assistance


- CADC provides limited assistance for the payment of utility bills and to provide food, shelter, and other basic services.

RX Program

- Many people without insurance or those who don’t have prescription coverage can apply at our Agency for assistance in receiving maintenance prescription drugs at low cost or in many instances at no cost to you.  



- Each January through April 15th our staff and volunteers prepare simple income tax returns for families whose gross income is under $50,000.00.    Our returns are filed electronically in most cases and you get your refund back quickly and reliably.  And best of all, the service is FREE!



We don’t always have the program or resources to meet your specific need, but more than likely our staff knows the right Agency or organization that does.  They will be glad to try and make that connection to available services in the area

Insure Oklahoma


- Let us help you get the affordable heath care that you need. 

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